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1966 Chevy Front Seat

A portable cavern. That is the first impression for folks that are used to new tiny cars. If you have never owned a car with a real bench seat, you do not know what you are missing. If you have, then you know what I am talking about. Good for snuggling at the drive in (or the driveway), putting stuff on, or putting a 3rd front seat passenger on. The car has the super huge steering wheel that came standard on most cars in the 60s (not all cars had power steering like this one,and you needed the leverage the big wheels provided just to turn the beasts). The two-tone blue interior really complements the dark blue exterior. Also, check out that 31 year old is in almost perfect condition. Now go look at the seating material on your car. Chances are if it is 5 years old or older it is already starting to wear. The build quality of most American cars in the mid 60s was for the most part excellent. Well, what are you waiting for? Hop in crank up key on the dash, find a good AM radio station, and lets get cruising!!
Right now the car is all original inside. The carpets are faded, and need to be replaced. The seats are in excellent shape, but I think that one of the springs has broken on the driver's side.I am going to see if it can be fixed without ruining the upholstery. The dashpad has cracked, but was repaired by the original owner. I am going to try and find a replacement. All the gauges work, the A/C will freeze you out, and the radio works. A very easy car to restore on the inside.
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