Ramming Speed!!

1966 Chevy Front End

The business end of the car. This is what most drivers see, and to the poor jerk who is driving too slow in the left lane, it is not what they want to see. When the LLBs (left lane bandits) look behind them and see THAT filling their rear view, it makes them afraid...very afraid. And who can blame them? Most folks figure old cars are driven by people that do not have the money for a new one. So, they see this beast behind them they must figure that: A. I have no money or insurance, therefore I have nothing to lose, or B. I am not from this country, and must come from a place where it is permissible to run over unfortunates. It is amazing how quickly LLBs will change lanes when I pull behind them, after all the newer cars have failed. ;)
What at first appears to be 2 tons of chrome on the front of the car is in reality mostly aluminum.All of the grill is aluminum and the trim is aluminum. The pan under the front bumper is just silver painted sheet metal. Only the bumper is chrome. At least there is no plastic!!
The front end of the car is in really good shape. Nothing is bent, and the bumper still shines like new. About the only real problems are the blue overspray on the trim, and the flat black has faded away on the grill. All easily fixed when the car gets repainted!!
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