My 1966 Impala Station Wagon

Here is the straight dope on my wagon. I bought it towards the end of May this year from the original owner. He is a retired colonel in the Air Force, which probably goes a long way towards explaining the color he special ordered. We took the entire family along (myself, my at the time VERY pregnant wife, and our 2 daughters with us). Colonel Troutman very graciously put up with all of us, and even sat in the back seat and amused my kiddos as we test drove it. Well, my wife loved it, and needless to say, we bought it.I have had to do some very basic maintenance on it, and it has been a daily driver since!!

As the car sits right now, it needs very little work. Unfortunately, the previous owners were caught out in a hail storm that did some damage to the upper areas. That will be a little costly to have fixed, but the car needs repainting anyway. Some time back a new coat of paint was applied, and it was put on too thick. Amazingly for a 31 year old car that spent many of those in Ohio, the car has no rust. The Colonel told me that he kept the undersides clean, and he sure did, cause it looks like a TX car under there!! I need to put a new dash pad on it, new carpet and get some interior chrome redone, but othere than that it looks great.The air conditioner had just been overhauled when I bought the car, and it will freeze you out!! P.S. It has a 283 2bbl V-8 that runs like a sewing machine!!
Below is the original bill of sale.
1966 Chevy Bill of Sale

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