How My Shortster looked when I bought it.

March of this year (1998) found me and a buddy Brian Hill, at Apache Auto Salvage in Mansfield Texas. We were looking for parts for my 72 Impala convertible. Well, we were on the way out when we stopped to take a look at what turned out to be a mid-60's Italian moped. Well, that was not too terribly interesting, so we turned to leave, but caught sight of this little minicycle lying in the mud next to the moped. I saw the name "AMF Harley-Davidson" on it, and thought hmm, that might be pretty neat. So, we went up to the office, and they told me they would let me have it for 75 bucks. I said OK, and we loaded it up in the trunk of my car. Here is a picture of it right after unloading it. As you can see, it was a mess. The engine was gone, as were most of the cables and switches, and it had obviously been sitting outside for some time. I really had no idea what it was, but I figured with that name on it, it had to be worth something. Below are some more pictures of what I was up against:

The brakes were locked up solid when I got it. But, with some steel wool and some grease they were working fine in no time.

I choose this picture because it shows the rock-like mud that was all over the bottm of this bike. It took me a long time with a brush and scraper to get it all off!

For some unknown reason, the previous owner mangled the wiring harness. It was literally cut to pieces, and odd things done to it, like this condenser mounted externally from the magento.

Wires cut, rust all over everything. But, at least the tank was still there, as were the fenders and the headlight! So too was the VIN, indentifying the bike as the rarest of the rare, a 1972 Shortster!

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